Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nuthin' But Mech

I had a couple page spreads in the recently released Nuthin' But Mech book. A lot of really talented artists contributed so it was an honor making the cut. Pick up a copy!


  1. Sam,

    Nice pieces and congrats on the book. I got my portfolio reviewed by you at the last SF Workshop. You gave me some great advice, especially on treating my vehicles as compositions within themselves and creating balanced areas of interest to move the eye around. Had a great time at that show and appreciate your sharing knowledge their.


  2. Hey! Yeah I remember looking through your work. Thanks for the comment. Hope all is well.

  3. Great stuff. It should go in a book!

  4. hello. i like your mechs. design and visual technic ,both are cool. don't wanna bothering u but it would be cool to hear some tips about how u crating a design of ur mechs :D i didn't find any tutorials of u but vehicle design. because its very helpful to get some tips and tricks from professional concept artist for beginners as me :D
    well , good luck ,looking forward ur new pictures

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