Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Space station 2

Here are a couple more space station hallways. I've got a couple more starts blocked in to do some more of these. I want to get into some more open spaces after that.


  1. love the interior designs!
    can't wait to see more =)


  2. Hello Sam,

    I am a student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I came across Space Station 04 and loved it! I'd like to use your concept and build it in 3d for one of my final projects with your due permission of course. This project could in the future be included in my demo reel, in which case your name will appear with the proper credit. Here's a link of what I have done so far while in school:


    I am planning on putting that car (textured and lit) in the middle of space station 04.

    Here's the link to my blog (hasn't been updated in a while though)

    Let me know :)


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