Thursday, May 13, 2010


I wanted to post up some process work and explanation for this robot . There are some team color studies I posted up for the final direction three posts before this. The idea for this guy is that it contains a smaller turret gun it can deploy. Doing this makes him more vulnerable with less paneling and less effective weapons. But the trade off is having the smaller robot to strategize with. The smaller robot has various modes such as a suppressive fire, a defensive mode, and an attack mode that could be directed at specific targets. The robot could be recollected at any time too.

Here were a few different options to start with. There was more work before this but I just wanted to show stuff from this phase of the process.

And some ideas for the turret that gets deployed. The first one is corresponds with the second guy above and the next with the third.

Here are some iterations that show how the panels split apart and what it looks like after the turret is deployed. In the final I had i worked out so the robot would open its legs and panels and a compacted turret would drop out from the front. If you look back at the color studies you can see little feet dangling below the center of the robot.

And some detail shots of some of the faces with open panels. I had fun working on this guy. Good times.

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